About Castrol Classic SA

Castrol Classic: Now available in South Africa

“The range is selling well in the UK across the country as well as in Europe we have also had an outstanding response in South Africa and across our borders for the brand. According to the guys behind the Castrol Classic oils in the UK, there is a huge demand from your veteran, vintage and classic vehicle owners this also includes motor cycles from that same era,” said Paul Williams. “Owners of these pre 1980 vehicles should be using the Castrol Classic oils as these products were specifically developed, designed and made for these cars and motorcycles.”

“Choosing the right engine oil for your veteran, vintage or classic vehicle or motor cycle is essential for ensuring peak running conditions performance and maximum wear protection for your engine,” said Giovanni Schule. “The Castrol Classic oil range is made for these cars in the UK, and throughout Europe the products are in growing demand as owners will use nothing else in case they damage there valuable vehicles, not to mention the huge investment in maintaining and running these older cars and motorcycles.”

“South Africa has a large number of veteran, vintage and classic vehicles on the road that are used and are still running today often used for special events shows, racing and rallies, all of which should be using Castrol Classic products.” said Giovanni.

Castrol produce a range of famous Classic oil brands to the correct formulations and viscosities as originally recommended by the vehicle manufacturers. Low detergent formulations are there to protect veteran, vintage and classic vehicles.

Historically, many motor manufacturers recommend Castrol by name in their original vehicle handbooks and now today's owners are able to follow those original recommendations. Castrol’s Classic oil recommendations for vintage, veteran and classic vehicles date back to the turn of the last century. Castrol Classic Oil caters for veteran, vintage classic cars and motorcycles, older than 35 years basically all vehicles pre 1980. Castrol Classic made it very clear that Castrol’s manufacturing processes of the Classic Range have not changed and have remained true to the correct formulations and viscosities as originally recommended by all the classic marques.

Background: Paul and Giovanni

Giovanni Schule and Paul Williams were recently appointed the sole importers from Castrol Classic UK. Both Giovanni and Paul have a huge amount of experience and expertise in the automotive aftermarket industry. Giovanni spent 30 years setting up Midas in Southern Africa, and Paul worked for leading brands such as GUD, Fram, Sabat and Safeline.

Both partners continue to be automotive and motorsport enthusiasts today. Giovanni Schule owner of SA Wholesale Import & Export cc is the sole importer in South Africa for the Castrol Classic Oil range. He has a long history in the industry with expertise and experience in marketing automotive products. The same applies to his partner, Paul Williams, who is also chairman of the National Alfa Romeo Clubs of South Africa and sits on several club committees; both are also hugely respected and well known in the industry.

Now accepting stockist applications

“With the Castrol Classic Range, our current program is to appoint stockists and distributors country wide for these products,” said Giovanni. “We have received a tremendous response from operators around the country but still need to have a wider spread of stockists. The range is in firm demand in the UK and Europe, and even across our borders. According to the guys behind the Castrol Classic oils there is a growing demand from veteran, vintage and classic vehicle owners as they become aware of the need for correct oil for Vintage, veteran and classic cars. This also includes motor cycles from that same era,” said Giovanni.

If you are interested in becoming a distributor or stockist for the Castrol Classic Range call Giovanni or Paul at SA Wholesale Import & Export cc, on +27 (0)11 465 8294 or on their cells Giovanni +27 (0)82 786 3044 and Paul +27 (0)82 373 5980. Or e-mail Giovanni on giovanni@castrolclassicsa.co.za and Paul on paul@castrolclassicsa.co.za